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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - March 26

They're making progress.

No, really. Look at the speed with which the walls went up around the new stairwell. And, the entranceways -- nice fences, incidentally -- are nearly complete.

There's just ... one ... small ... detail.

As you can see -- most clearly in the first two photos -- there aren't any benches yet! There are going to be butts waiting to occupy those seats a week from Friday.

I know they'll make it. The construction crews have been hardworking and done a terrific job. But I'll bet they're working right up to the last minute.

If you have clicked on the timeline in the last two weeks, you know that it was messed up. I finally figured out the trouble and fixed it -- the timeline is now also updated.

Top: new wall in place, around the left field corner stairwell; top of the new left/center field area. Note the new emergency exit signs, that have been installed; Waveland Ave side, behind left field, looking east; for the ballhawks. View from Kenmore Ave.

Middle: bleacher entrance area, Waveland Ave.side. Note the section of fencing being lowered in place, on the right side of the photo; Waveland Ave., behind the left field bleachers, looking west. The rebuilt emergency exit/employee access stairwell is visible, in the top of the photo; new bleacher entrance area; another photo of the new bleacher entrance area.

Bottom: Sheffield Ave. side, below the right field bleachers, looking south. Note the new sidewalk; view behind the right right field bleachers. Note the visible gap between the bleacher boxes, on the left, and the regular bleachers, on the right. Also note the sidewalk has not yet been rebuilt in this area; view behind the right field bleachers, taken from across the street, on Sheffield Ave. This is the view directly behind the area also seen in previous photo; view of the new brick wall enclosing the new right field corner stairwell.

Photos by David Sameshima, taken Saturday, March 25