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Open Thread: Cubs vs. White Sox, Monday 3/27

For once, today's game provides no debate about whether the day's starting pitchers -- for either team -- should make the major league roster or not.

Mark Buehrle for the Sox; Greg Maddux for the Cubs. I'd expect that both of them will go six innings, maybe seven, depending on the number of pitches they throw. It'll be the first spring game played under "major league" conditions -- I'd also expect most of the starters to play at least six.

Derrek Lee may return today.

And, the game is on CSN Chicago (it appears, from the CSN TV listing page, which lists "Cubs Postgame Live" afterwards, that it'll be the Cubs broadcast crew), and also WGN radio.

Finally, a bit of housekeeping -- I've restructured the Cubs Blog Army links on the right sidebar. Many of the listings there had been for blogs that had been inactive for many months; I've tried to make it a more manageable list of sites that actually have new content posted on a frequent basis. If you are a Cubs blogger and feel that I've left you out, email me (use the link on the right sidebar).

Discuss amongst yourselves.