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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Angels, Wednesday 3/29

No matter what you might have read elsewhere, today's game starts at 1:05 Central time.

Why is this?

My colleague the Rev at Halos Heaven has some ideas.

Not wanting to rain on that parade, I'll simply note that half the Angels squad has to be in San Francisco tomorrow to take on the Giants. Travel plans, you know.

The Rev would also call his team, humorously, the "Los Angeles Angels of Tempe". Which, for the month of March, they are.

Big-name pitching matchup today: Carlos Zambrano vs. Bartolo Colon. Or maybe it's John Lackey for the Angels -- the Angels website says Colon, the Cubs website says Lackey.

If you're going, or wanting to listen on MLB Audio, remember -- 1:05 CENTRAL TIME.

Discuss amongst yourselves.