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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Mariners, Friday 3/3

The undefeated Cubs head to Peoria (one of the nicer of the spring training complexes in Arizona, incidentally) to face the Mariners today.

OK, OK, I know. Undefeated? 1-0. And I know spring training records are virtually meaningless.

Still. Winning is better than losing.

Glendon Rusch will start today against the (no... don't say it... stop... ack... OK, I give in) ancient Mariner, Jamie Moyer.

Moyer is 43, but had a pretty decent year in 2005 (13-7, 4.28 ERA, didn't miss a start) for a bad team.

Among Moyer's teammates in his rookie year with the Cubs in 1986 were current Cub coach Chris Speier, Manny Trillo, and Davey Lopes, who will be sixty-one years old this year. The '86 Cub page at also lists a guy named Mike Martin, who played in eight games as a catcher. I confess I have absolutely no memory of this guy. Anyone remember him?

Today's game is NOT on WGN, nor is it on XM Radio. It is being carried by the Mariners' flagship station KOMO, so it will be on MLB Audio, as well as over that old-fashioned conventional device called a "radio" if you are in the Seattle area.

Discuss amongst yourselves.