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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Padres, Friday 3/31

You know how it is when you're on vacation? And you come back to a pile of mail and bills?

Yeah, I got that piled on me today. Pretty busy, so I'll make this quick...

The Cubs are in Las Vegas for the second spring in a row, this time facing the Padres. Sean Marshall, who's probably gotten more comments here than any other Cub pitcher, will face Woody Williams. The Cubs faced Williams nine days ago and got three runs off him in six innings; they eventually won that game 12-6.

Yesterday's crowd at Mesa brought the Cubs' spring attendance total to 154,978, an average of 11,070 (14 home games). That average is down from last year, partly due to the WBC, partly due to losing a date to rainout, and the total is also down for the same reasons; in addition, there were only 15 scheduled home games in 2006, compared to 16 in 2005.

It's on WGN. Late (9 pm CT), so I won't see much of it, having to rise for work tomorrow.

Discuss amongst yourselves.