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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Giants, Saturday 3/4

Dumb Dusty Baker quote of the day, describing Felix Pie, who tripled on Thursday:

"Skill-wise, he has the skill," Baker said of the outfielder. "We know that. It's just a matter of him playing and doing the little things."

"Skill-wise, he has the skill"???

What on Earth does that mean?


A lot of angst (not to mention, far better medical information than you get from the MSM) has been spilled over Kerry Wood's upcoming arthroscopic knee surgery, scheduled for Tuesday. While this isn't good news, at least it's not his shoulder or elbow. I realize, despite my bet with Chuck regarding Wood's status for Opening Day, that was going to be a longshot anyway. The above-linked article says he's going to have another throwing session on Monday before he has the surgery on Tuesday. To me, it appears that this will set him back a couple of weeks, nothing more, and if that means he's available late May instead of early May -- well, yes, that means a few more Glendon Rusch starts. Rusch has done well when spotted properly in the rotation. Do I trust Dusty Baker to do that right? Um, um... there's the key to the problem.

In any case, the first-linked article above seems to confirm the speculation we discussed here last Tuesday -- that the Cubs will start the year with a four-man rotation. Good.

And one of those four, Jerome Williams (I presume it will be Williams in the four slot, rather than Glendon Rusch, who should start the year in the bullpen), will start today against his former team, the Giants. Matt Morris was to pitch for the Giants, but they're now holding him back for a WBC exhibition on Sunday. Kevin Correia throws instead for San Francisco today. WGN radio has the broadcast at 2:05 CT.

The clock poll has ended -- the clock decisively won, 36% to 24%, with 38% saying "don't care", and no, I can't figure out why that only adds up to 98%. So the clock stays.

Finally, Jason Simontacchi, we hardly knew ye. The Cubs voided his contract on Friday.

Discuss amongst yourselves.