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Who said this, and about whom?

"He's assured me he'll be fine, and the trainers have no objections, so there you go. That's where I get my feeling. He's not going to make the post [the first] day. He's not 100 percent, yet, but we're not going to rush him. He's on pace. There's no surprises in what's going on there."

a) Larry Rothschild about Mark Prior, 2006

b) Larry Rothschild about Kerry Wood, 2006

c) Larry Rothschild about Mark Prior AND Kerry Wood, 2005

d) Jim Hendry about Kerry Wood, Mark Prior and Joe Borowski, 2005

e) A composite of all Cub managers, coaches and executives about every pitcher on the roster since 2004

If you guessed any of the above, you'd be wrong. That quote comes from this article from the Orange County Register, and it's from Dodger manager Grady Little.

He's talking about Rafael Furcal, who had offseason knee surgery -- on a slight meniscus tear, the very same surgery Wood is going to have on Tuesday.

The article goes on to say:

Six weeks later, Furcal has been limited to swinging at soft tosses and taking ground balls on the first days of spring training. He has been jogging with an obvious limp that became more pronounced when he tried running a handful of sprints in the outfield Saturday.

Can you imagine the angst here and elsewhere in the Cub blogosphere if the Cubs had spent fifty bajillion dollars on Furcal, and then he was hurt this way, and Cub management was saying the things that Grady Little said last week?

The point is -- the Cubs may have not been totally forthcoming in the past. And maybe they're not now. But they're certainly not the only ones in baseball who do this.

And not signing Rafael Furcal is looking like a smart move.