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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Giants, Sunday 3/5

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As I mentioned yesterday, two highly touted pitchers who have had more touting than major league success, Kevin Correia and the unanagrammable Rich Hill, face off for the Giants and Cubs, respectively, this afternoon in Mesa, 2:05 CT, WGN-TV and Radio.

Apropos of nothing, I learn from my friend Rob at 6-4-2, that there is a college baseball player at Long Beach State in California named Evan Longoria.

Yes, that's right, a player whose name has only an extra "n" to distinguish him from a certain well-known actress.

This being the case, BCB provides the following public service, so you can distinguish between the two:

       Evan                     Eva

Gratuitous cheesecake over, I should point out that Evan's bio touts him as a pretty good major league prospect:

Rated as the 10th-best prospect in September by Baseball America for the 2006 amateur draft... named to the initial Wallace National Award Watch List, the third-straight year LBSU has had a 49er as a candidate for national player of the year.
They're not related; Evan is from California, Eva is from Texas. Evan is a 3B/SS who took over the position at Long Beach State from Troy Tulowitzki, who was drafted #1 by the Rockies last year. Evan could also go in the first round, and wrenching this runaway thread back on topic, the Cubs might be able to use a guy like this. Incidentally, the photo of Evan above was taken when he was playing for the Chatham A's of the Cape Cod League last summer. The CCL is regarded as the top summer league for major league prospects; Evan hit .299 there and led the league with 8 HR and 35 RBI. One of the primary reasons the CCL is so highly regarded is because they use wood bats, which gives major league scouts a good idea of what college players will do once they turn pro. Current Cubs who played in the CCL include Adam Greenberg, Scott Williamson, Jerry Hairston, Todd Walker, Ryan Theriot, Matt Murton and Rich Hill.

Final word on this weekend fun: we learn from this Long Beach State game recap from Saturday that the Long Beach State athletic teams are nicknamed... the Dirtbags.

No, really. You think I make this stuff up? Click on the link.

Discuss amongst yourselves.