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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Reds, Wednesday 4/12, 1:20 CT

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Greg Maddux turns 40 on Friday.

Here are some other famous people who were born in 1966: Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Cindy Crawford, David Schwimmer, John Cusack, Janet Jackson, Salma Hayek, Tea Leoni, Scott Adams, Moises Alou, Curt Schilling.

Oh, and there's another baseball figure who has a birthday on April 14. Some guy named Rose.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Greg Maddux
G. Maddux
vs. Brandon Claussen
B. Claussen
1-0 W-L 0-0
1.42 ERA 5.40
1 SO 5
2 BB 0
1 HR 1
Guy for Maddux to avoid today: Reds catcher Javier Valentin, who has homered four times off him in ten career at-bats.

Claussen is 1-3 lifetime vs. the Cubs in four career starts with a 7.91 ERA. Expect Jerry Hairston to get a start at 2B today.

The wind will be blowing out again, likely this time to right field.

Discuss amongst yourselves.