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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Pirates, Friday 4/14, 6:05 CT

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After eight games, the Cubs finally play a team that does not have red as one of its main team colors.

Santos is one of those guys who kills us. He's mediocre vs. the league (18-34, 4.98 lifetime ERA). But against the Cubs, he's 3-3, 2.74. That's 1/6 of his lifetime wins against one team.

However! The Cubs are 11-1 in PNC Park dating back to May 30, 2004, and have won seven straight there. All of this is weather permitting, of course; there's a 40% chance of storms tonight.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Sean Marshall
S. Marshall
vs. Victor Santos
V. Santos
0-0 W-L 1-1
8.31 ERA 4.66
2 SO 9
1 BB 4
1 HR 0
As you may have read elsewhere, today Greg Maddux turns the big Four-Oh. In honor of that occasion, and the fact that Maddux is now the only righthanded MLB starter 40 or older (the other 40-somethings, Jamie Moyer, David Wells, Randy Johnson, Tom Glavine and Kenny Rogers, are all lefties), we here at BCB present The Annoying Birthday Song.

Oh, come on. Click on it. It's oddly compelling.

Discuss amongst yourselves.