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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Dodgers, Tuesday 4/18, 9:10 CT

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You may have noticed -- and if you haven't, hie yourself on down to the bottom of the right sidebar and check it out -- a new BCB feature, "Cubs Newsfeed". This is an automatically-updating feed service that will compile a number of relevant articles from various newspapers and other online sources. I had the tech gurus set it up so that each link will open a new browser window so you won't navigate away from BCB!

Today's Starting Pitchers
Carlos Zambrano
C. Zambrano
vs. Derek Lowe
D. Lowe
0-1 W-L 1-1
4.86 ERA 5.82
18 SO 7
12 BB 7
4 HR 3
vs. LA -- vs. Cubs
This should be a good time for Z to get back on track. He has a 1.80 lifetime ERA vs. the Dodgers, in seven starts, though only two decisions (1-1). Lowe faced the Cubs twice last year, his only two times facing them, and is also 1-1, with a 3.86 ERA. Derrek Lee is 6-for-12 lifetime vs. Lowe -- but five of the six outs are strikeouts.

Discuss amongst yourselves.