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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Dodgers, Wednesday 4/19, 9:10 CT

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Nice beard on Penny. Hey, I've got facial hair myself, but now maybe I'm understanding better why the White Sox are making some players get haircuts.

I hope you can see the dripping sarcasm there. Seriously, what on Earth do haircuts and lack of facial hair have to do with winning? Sure, the Yankees have that rule, and are winners.

But the scruffy Red Sox won the World Series in 2004, in part, by celebrating their scruffiness. There's more than one way to make a "team" image.

These are adult men. If they do their jobs well, what difference does it make what they look like? If I could be guaranteed a Cub World Championship if they all grew beards, I'd say GO FOR IT.

Here's a game note that I probably shouldn't even mention, because doing it will probably jinx the Cubs, but what the heck: the Cubs are one of only two teams (the Astros are the other) who have yet to lose two in a row this year.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Sean Marshall
S. Marshall
vs. Brad Penny
B. Penny
1-0 W-L 2.0
7.71 ERA 1.50
4 SO 18
2 BB 1
2 HR 2
vs. LA -- vs. Cubs
I put the "vs. LA" link in for Marshall even though, of course, he's never faced them, just to keep the box looking nice. And if Marshall should win to go 2-0, he will become the first Cub starter to begin his career that way since this guy. Yes, really -- in 1999.

Penny's 1-2 lifetime with a 3.09 ERA vs. the Cubs; he's got excellent numbers so far this year -- only one walk. On paper this appears to be a huge mismatch.

But that's why they play the games.

Discuss amongst yourselves.