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Mark is off school this week for his spring break.

Not wanting him to get out of the habit of doing homework, I gave him an assignment last night.

Since I had to go to sleep to get up for work and thus would not be able to see most of last night's game, I asked him to stay up and watch the game, then email me a game summary that I could post as this morning's game post.

Thus, I present Mark's game summary of the Cubs' 2-1 loss to the Dodgers, exactly as he wrote it. I think he nailed it, from what I've read about the game.

Good Game. Zambrano was doing good his only downside was that he wasn't very efficient {too many pitches.} The cubs are great ecspecially their bullpen and bench. But in this game they had a couple good chances to score even though they missed. Lowe had a great game just one bad inning. Hopefully they will win {im starting this in the ninth inning score is 1-1.} Weird thing is that i was looking at other games' scores and their scores seemed a lot higher than this game. A lot of people say its too early to judge but the way the cubs are playing they look pretty good. Cubs also have a much speedier team between lee and pierre, who bothe have over 4 SB's are great. Too bad they lost and its all michael barrett's fault for not throwing out lofton just kidding!
He says he's kidding... but seriously, Kenny Lofton is going to be 39 years old next month. A competent major league defensive catcher ought to be able to throw him out, especially in the ninth inning of a tie game.

Just a few other notes from me:

  • The stolen base by Aramis Ramirez was his 10th career steal, and his first since August 29, 2003.
  • Had the Cubs won the game, they would have been .500 lifetime vs. Dodgers since the Dodger franchise was created in Brooklyn in 1890 (now 1002-1004). So, even with a win tonight, they'll have to wait till LA's visit to Wrigley Field in September to even-up.
  • Silly note from last night in the major leagues: for the first time ever, seven Venezuelan pitchers started on the same day: Tony Armas Jr., Nationals (W), Gustavo Chacin, Blue Jays(W), Carlos Silva, Twins (L), Kelvim Escobar, Angels (W - faced Silva), Carlos Zambrano, Cubs (ND), Victor Zambrano, Mets (L), Felix Hernandez, Mariners (L) -- a record of 3-3, with one no-decision.
Speaking of Z, he appears to be settling down a bit, allowing only one run -- though the five walks he allowed are a bit unsettling. His next start will be next Monday against the Marlins at Wrigley Field; that'll be a good chance for him to finally nail down that first win of the year.

Meanwhile, the vaunted Cardinals lost big to the Pirates 12-3, despite Albert Pujols' 10th home run of the season. That tied Mark McGwire's 1998 Cardinals team record for HR in April. The major league record for HR in April is 13.

In today's Tribune, Dusty Baker calls on the Cubs to sign Greg Maddux to an extension:

"At this point it's hard to imagine him not pitching forever," Baker said. "Who knows? Roger [Clemens] was [43] and had excellence, so who's to say?" With Maddux's sizzling start, is it a no-brainer the Cubs will be discussing a contract extension at the end of the season? "Or maybe before [the end]," Baker replied. "Who knows? It's kind of how he feels."
If Maddux wants to pitch next year, it ought to be in a Cub uniform. Period.

Finally, WGN had a really, really bad night for TV production values. Whoever was in charge of checking their graphics did an absolutely terrible job. First, the umpire graphic misspelled John Hirschbeck's name as "Hershbeck". This really isn't excusable; the folks who do this stuff have reams of information in front of them, and really ought to get something like this right. But what was even worse was this: on each player stat graphic, it said "LAST SEASON" next to the current season's stats.

Obviously, this was a template made when the season started because at that point, they were using last season's numbers. Someone should have checked to have this changed.

As someone who works in the business, I wouldn't have allowed stuff like that on the air.