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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - April 2

Since David took the current photos (Saturday afternoon), I'll let him fill you in on what was going on -- here's what he emailed me:

I went up to the EL station. The benches have been installed in the left field bleachers. It is the only section I could see. The beer shack survives. It is now in place, in right center field, on the new rear walkway. The front of the shack is now facing Sheffield. The purple fire hydrant, on Waveland and Kenmore, is no more. It has been repainted fire engine red. Workers were cleaning up the new brick sidewalk, on the Waveland Ave. side. They were sweeping and using air blowers to make everything tidy. They must be getting close.

There was much activity elsewhere too. The concession workers were there for their training and orientation session. They are still installing fencing, somewhere in the seating area. Cranes were lifting sections of fencing, into the bleachers on the Sheffield Ave side. On the Waveland Ave side, there is a section of the walkway fencing that hasn't been installed. They were using cranes, to lift shrubbery thru the open gap in the fence.

The timeline has also been updated.

Top: new upper level, above the bleacher entrance. Note the "Frozen Drinks" sign, to the right of the elevator; bleacher entrance, viewed from across the street; view from the CTA Addison St. L station. Note that the new benches are visible in left field; new bleacher entrance.

Middle: view looking north, down Sheffield Ave. Note new speakers being installed, at the top of the photo; view of the new stairwell, in the left field corner; view of the new "deluxe" television camera shack, in center field. Photo taken from Waveland Ave; new bleacher entrance.

Bottom: for a change, something old. The return of the beer shack, now located on the new walkway, behind right-center field; view of new fencing material, still being delivered; area around the peephole gate, in the right field corner. Note the bricks still being laid, in the new sidewalk; view of the new knothole gate; view of the right field corner, looking north.

Photos by David Sameshima

David also notes:

I did take some close-up photos, of the beer shack, but I went with the wider shot to better illustrate its new location. I can already imagine the comments from BCB readers. Will it offer Old Style, or will it be exclusively Bud Light?

Bonus! David's friend Donna went with him yesterday, and so here are four shots of "the photographer at his craft":

Photos by Donna Wakefield