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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Cardinals, Friday 4/21, 7:10 CT

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There's a ballgame tonight in St. Louis. We can sit here and type and debate all we want about who the Cubs will acquire (if anyone), and who'll start at 1B.

But when it all settles out, the remaining players have to go out there and try to win. As has been pointed out elsewhere, the Cardinals themselves did all right last year with one of their key players (Scott Rolen) out for most of the year.

IF there are any acquisitions to be made, it won't happen till June, at least. This isn't fantasy baseball, where you can scour a website for a list of available players.

The roster move has been made official: Derrek Lee to the 15-day DL, Michael Restovich added to the 40-man roster and recalled from Iowa, and to make room, Wade Miller was transferred from the 15-day DL to the 60-day DL.

Now, that doesn't mean Miller has to wait 60 days from now to be activated -- such moves are always retroactive. It means Miller won't pitch till late May at the earliest.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Jerome Williams
J. Williams
vs. Mark Mulder
M. Mulder
0-1 W-L 1-0
2.45 ERA 4.05
5 SO 10
9 BB 1
1 HR 4
vs. StL -- vs. Cubs
Mulder is 1-2 lifetime vs. the Cubs with a 3.86 ERA; the Cardinals have won all three games he's started thus far, but I like seeing the 4 HR allowed, given that the new Busch appears to be a hitter's park.

Williams threw well in his last start, losing a tough one to the Pirates. He's got to cut down on those walks, though.

And the Cubs ought to be REAL happy to see the new ballpark. They were 141-190 all-time at the old one from 1966-2005, and 21-51 since 1996. Good riddance!

Discuss amongst yourselves.