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Advice For The Cublorn

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No, that's wrong. You can panic now.

Mike & I went to see Spamalot last night -- he had missed the show when our merry little bleacher band went to see it last year, and so with its touring-company return last year, I decided it was worth seeing again.

Thus, I missed the announcement that Derrek Lee has two fractured bones in his wrist, and will be out for eight to ten weeks.

There's no way to put a positive spin on this. All of you know what Lee means to this team, and missing that much time means somewhere between 55 and 70 games -- between 1/3 and 1/2 of the season -- and unless the rest of the team suddenly picks up this slack, the Cubs will struggle to score runs and thus, struggle to win, for the next two months.

It appears at this writing that Michael Restovich will have his contract purchased from Iowa to replace Lee. Note, I mention "contract purchased" rather than "recalled". Restovich is not on the 40-man roster. Someone will either have to be dropped, or more likely, if Lee is going to be out more than two months, he'll be placed on the 60-day DL; players on the 60-day are not counted against the 40-man roster limit.

Restovich had a good spring and was the last man cut. He's not a great player, but was at one time one of the Twins' better prospects, and he does have a lifetime .281/.336/.467 (.802 OPS) line vs. LHP. John Mabry, who hits lefthanded, is .269/.329/.422 (.751 OPS) vs. RHP.

That could make a passable platoon. No, it's not Lee, and it's especially not Lee defensively; Restovich has never played 1B at the major league level, and having seen him play there in spring training... well, he's not very good.

At some point, Jim Hendry might try to acquire someone. But on April 21, his options are slim and none. Teams just don't make deals for starting first basemen in April.

I would much rather see this platoon than see Todd Walker at 1B -- where you'd lose defensively as well -- and a Neifi/Hairston platoon at 2B, where you'd experience a significant offensive dropoff from a Mabry/Restovich platoon.

What more can be said? It happened. It sucks. But baseball continues.