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This post is going to be short.

First, because there really isn't that much to say about the Cubs' 9-3 loss to the Cardinals last night in St. Louis.

And second, because of the quick turnaround to a day game today, there will be an open gameday thread posted later this morning. That is, of course, one of the best things about baseball. If you lose miserably like the Cubs did last night, you don't have to wait a couple of days (as in the NHL or NBA) or a week (as in the NFL) to play again.

What was good last night? Well, Michael Barrett had three hits, including a three-run homer.

Good, right? Sure. But Barrett also had a brain fart, thinking there were two out in the ninth when Matt Murton popped up, and got caught standing off second base, looking like he was waiting for the first bus home, and was easily doubled off to end the game.

Not that it mattered by then; not that it mattered by the second inning, either. Jerome Williams was awful -- giving up six hits and two walks, the second walk being a bases-loaded pass to pitcher Mark Mulder, who was a .119 career hitter before this season. One of the hits was Albert Pujols' 11th HR of the season, which broke Mark McGwire's Cardinals team record for HR in April.

In case you care, the major league record for such things is 13, held by Luis Gonzalez, Mike Schmidt and Ken Griffey, Jr.

Incidentally, in looking that up, I learned that the record for HR in the month of March is two -- held by, among others, Corey Patterson.

I got bored with this game and started doing some other stuff around the house during it, and so didn't see much of the relief pitching, though it appears that except for David Aardsma allowing a HR to Jim Edmonds, the bullpen did reasonably well eating up some innings after Williams' implosion.

As noted in the diaries, Kerry Wood had some "side discomfort" yesterday during a scheduled throwing session, but Mark Prior threw to hitters for the first time and will throw on the side again on Sunday.

And for all those who were hoping the Cubs would sign A. J. Burnett this past offseason, he's got elbow problems again, and may have to go back on the DL.

OK, I said this would be short, and that's enough. Best news, there's another game in a few hours.