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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Cardinals, Sunday 4/23, 1:15 CT

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Must. Win. Today.

Why? Not because it's late in the season and critical to pennant hopes, but simply to make the statement that the pitcher who's been the best so far this year, can stop a losing streak at two.

That's what your best pitcher's supposed to do, right?

Today's Starting Pitchers
Greg Maddux
G. Maddux
vs. Jason Marquis
J. Marquis
3-0 W-L 3-0
1.33 ERA 2.79
14 SO 12
4 BB 4
1 HR 1
vs. StL -- vs. Cubs
Oddly, Maddux in his career has handled Rolen and Edmonds pretty well. It's Juan Encarnacion (.345) and David Eckstein (.429) who give him fits, along with Albert Pujols. That doesn't really count, though, because Pujols hits everyone.

In addition to his fine start this year, Marquis is also a good hitter, who is occasionally used as a pinch-hitter by Tony LaRussa. Last year he hit .310/.326/.460 with 8 doubles and a HR in 87 AB. He's 2-for-10 this year, and has already pinch-hit twice. Off Maddux he's 3-for-8 lifetime.

Discuss amongst yourselves.