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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Marlins, Wednesday 4/26, 1:20 CT

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Three years ago, Angel Guzman was supposed to be the latest in a proud line of Cub-produced starters... Kerry Wood... Mark Prior... Carlos Zambrano... and Guzman.

Well, two of the other three have had injury problems, as we all know, and so has Guzman. Three years after he should have splashed into the majors as a phenom, he makes his debut today, at the age of 24, still young enough to have a good ML career.

The last time the Cubs had two pitchers make their ML debut as starters in the same season was 2002 -- Mark Prior (May 22) and Steve Smyth (August 6). And the last time that two Cub pitchers made their ML debuts of any kind in the same month was August, 2001: Carlos Zambrano and Juan Cruz, on consecutive days, August 20 and 21.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Angel Guzman
A. Guzman
vs. Scott Olsen
S. Olsen
making W-L 1-1
his ERA 1.50
major SO 7
league BB 8
debut HR 0
vs. Fla -- vs. Cubs
In Olsen's only career start against the Cubs last July 9, he gave up only 1 run in six innings; the Cubs won the game 8-2 by blasting the Marlins' bullpen, in a game that most of us remember for the beaning Adam Greenberg took on the first major league pitch he saw from Valerio de los Santos. (Trivia note: look at that boxscore and see who the pinch-runner for Greenberg was!)

As noted in this BCB diary, Olsen is from Crystal Lake South High School, and grew up a Cub fan; he was among the mob on the street that couldn't get into Wrigley Field during game six of the 2003 NLCS. Let's hope that Cub fandom takes hold of his brain today and he helps out his childhood favorite team.

Discuss amongst yourselves.