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Glad I Missed THAT One!

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There's nothing you can really say when your team loses 16-2, is there?

I could write platitudes like "it only counts as one loss", which is what I said to Howard and Mike when I spoke to them from LaGuardia Airport when it was 13-0. In fact, Howard told me Dave and Phil had already left, and Jeff had to leave to drive Krista to the airport, and he (Howard) was about to leave too.

The only thing that was pretty well settled today is that Glendon Rusch has to go back to the bullpen, and David Aardsma has to go back to Iowa, and that means that Rich Hill will likely get the call to start next Thursday at Arizona.

For those of you who wanted Jeff Weaver -- you want to pay $9 million for a guy who's 1-3 with a 1.59 WHIP and a 7.48 ERA? Or Kevin Millwood? 1-3, 4.20. Sean Marshall's done about as well as Millwood, for a fraction of the cost.

Really, Rusch has been the only starter who's been truly awful. Jerome Williams was bad, too, and he's been banished to Iowa. Rusch ought to do better out of the bullpen -- his numbers now resemble his disastrous 2003 season at Milwaukee.

I see I've rambled on about a subject I said there wasn't much to say about. So, till tomorrow. A win would give the Cubs a 14-9 April record, pretty decent, and a series win.