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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - April 4

You'll see in some of the photos that there are several surfaces yet to be painted. Maybe I ought to wear a poncho on Friday. I hope they're done -- in 1946 the old Boston Braves were forced to host the Phillies at Fenway Park because they had painted their seats and they hadn't yet dried.

Now, David's report and photos from Monday evening, April 3:

I took the EL to the park today. Almost all the equipment is now gone from the area outside the ballpark, and so there is an unobstructed view of the exterior. I was there around 6:30PM, and I could hear work still going on, inside the park, mostly drilling and hammering sounds. The new exterior lights were turned on, and are visible in some of my photos.

When I was leaving, it looked like there were boxes stacked in the bleacher box area. Those boxes could contain the new seats for this area. I could not see if any seats were installed there. At this point it was getting too dark to take a photo of this scene.

With the sidewalks looking all spiffy, and the exterior walls completed, the construction barricades won't be needed. They have to be removed soon. Before Friday, right?

I will say one thing about the way the structure is built. Look in particular at photo "h", the last one on the bottom row. I sure hope the steel superstructure is strong enough to hold all the people who will be sitting behind the back brick wall, and on the walkway.

Just sayin'.

I haven't yet updated the timeline; I'll try to get to that tomorrow. - UPDATE [2006-4-5 8:27:34 by Al]: The timeline has been updated, Wednesday morning.

Top: view of the "knothole" gate area, with both the inner and outer gates, in the lowered position. This is in the right field corner, on Sheffield; the new bleacher entrance. View looking south, down Sheffield; the Waveland Ave. side of the new bleacher entrance; the Waveland Ave.side, behind the center field scoreboard. You can see how wide the new patio area is, behind the scoreboard.

Bottom: for the ballhawks. View from Kenmore Ave., behind the left field bleachers; behind the left field bleachers, looking east down Waveland; top of the new left field corner. Note part of the new fence still awaiting a paint job; view of the new left field corner, looking east down Waveland

Photos by David Sameshima