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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Nationals, Thursday 5/18, 1:20 CT

Some guy is making his season debut today. Maybe you've heard of him.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Kerry Wood
K. Wood
vs. Ramon Ortiz
R. Ortiz
making W-L 0-4
his ERA 6.30
2006 SO 13
season BB 17
debut HR 4
vs. Wash -- vs. Cubs
Look for the Nats to perhaps start Daryle Ward today -- he's 6-for-18 lifetime against Wood with 2 HR. Jacque Jones, who's been hot -- well, hot"ish" -- lately, is 6-for-21 with 2 HR vs. Ortiz, and Neifi, who's likely to play today anyway with Aramis Ramirez' back trouble, is 6-for-14 vs. Ortiz with two triples. Hard to believe that Ortiz was, four years ago, one of the top three starters (and arguably, the best one) on a World Championship team.

The last time the Cubs swept this franchise, dating back to its Expos days, at Wrigley Field, was June 12-14, 1992. Way past time for another one.

Two years ago today, Randy Johnson threw a perfect game against the Braves. Today is also the anniversary of the first game Jackie Robinson played in Wrigley Field (in front of the largest paid crowd ever there, 46,572); the Cubs will have a pregame ceremony and make a donation to the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

Discuss amongst yourselves.