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Open Thread: Cubs vs. White Sox, Sunday 5/21, 1:05 CT

Note: the following is said firmly tongue-in-cheek.

If the Cubs could keep their schedule to playing only NL Central or NL East teams, and only at night, they'd be just fine. Why? They are 4-2 vs. the East, 10-9 vs. the Central, and 10-9 at night -- as opposed to 7-16 in day games, 3-12 vs. the NL West, and now 0-2 in interleague games.

Why is this so? I have absolutely no idea.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Carlos Zambrano
C. Zambrano
vs. Jose Contreras
J. Contreras
White Sox
2-2 W-L 5-0
3.34 ERA 1.41
62 SO 21
35 BB 11
6 HR 2
vs. Sox -- vs. Cubs
On ESPN's "Baseball Tonight" last night, Jeff Brantley said that if he were Dusty Baker, he would order Z NOT to throw at anyone, unless the Cubs were up 17-1 in the sixth inning, and then, "I'd be throwing at someone."

That's real mature, Jeff. The brawl is history, done, over. Z has to keep himself under control. He's done so his last two starts, with good results.

If I'm Ozzie Guillen, I'm starting Rob Mackowiak today -- he's 9-for-26 (.346) lifetime vs. Z, with three doubles, a triple, a HR, three RBI and five walks.

It'd be nice to salvage one game here, for pride's sake if nothing else.

Discuss amongst yourselves.