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Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Whoops, wrong sport.

  • Kerry Wood says he may have some "soreness", but he's going to start on Tuesday:
    "Just the regular soreness people have in between starts," he said. "I plan on pitching on Tuesday. Obviously they're concerned with my first start back after surgery. They just want to be careful, but I still plan on making my start."

    That article says he either will (according to Larry Rothschild) or won't (according to Wood) throw on the side today in Miami.

    I wish these people would get their stories straight.

  • For all you Dusty-haters, he's still likely to get a contract extension:
    While team officials know this isn't the time to announce an extension for Baker, they also aren't entertaining any ideas about replacing him. In fact, they still want to find the right moment to give him an extension in the next few months.
  • Jim Hendry, at last, lays blame for this year on himself:
    "When you don't win and lose a player of [Derrek Lee's] magnitude and you don't bring someone else in right away and you lose, you certainly have to expect criticism, which is OK," he said.

    "I'm very critical of myself if we're not winning. It hasn't been that we haven't tried to make a deal."

    There are players out there -- J. T. Snow is one of them, who could help this club. There will be more players available as time goes by.

There! That ought to give you enough to talk about until tonight's game.