AJ Pierzynski vs. Jay Mariotti: Evil versus Pure Evil

I guess Cub killer AJ Pierzynski isn't as bad as I always make him out to be when describing him to the entire world.  Pardon the Interruption had him on as a guest for their "Five Good Minutes" segment, talking to him about his fight with Michael Barrett.

When asked about how the incident either helps or hurts his reputation, Pierzynski responded that he always seems to be antagonized when someone like this comes up (a fair point, considering it was the umpire, and not Pierzynski, at fault with the third strike in last year's ALCS).

Offering an example of his unfair treatment, Pierzynski had this to say about Chicago Sun-Times columnist and ESPN personality Jay Mariotti:

"Your guy Jay Mariotti wrote an article about me the other day saying how it was all my fault.  So Jay, here's an open invitation to come to the clubhouse and say 'hello' to me.  If you want to write an article about me, then come speak to me face-to-face."

Both Kornheiser and Wilbon immediately burst into laughter, with Tony responding, "He's not my guy!" and Wilbon jibing at his cohort, "Tony will love that!"  

Pierzynski added that as far as he knew, Mariotti had never been inside the White Sox' clubhouse.  Tony Reali (aka 'Stat Boy') did not deny that fact near the show's finish, but did say that Mariotti was in the interview room when Pierzynski was speaking to the press after the game.

Here's a link to the Mariotti's article:

I commentate frequently at, and we just LOVE to say nice things about Jay Mariotti.  I'm sure most of the people here have nice happy thoughts about the man with greasy hair as well...right?

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