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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Marlins, Tuesday 5/23, 6:05 CT

This picture of tonight's Marlins starter, Scott Olsen, is almost as bad as the photo of last night's Marlins pitcher, Ricky Nolasco.

Either the Marlins have ugly pitchers, or a bad photographer.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Kerry Wood
K. Wood
vs. Scott Olsen
S. Olsen
0-1 W-L 2-3
7.20 ERA 6.55
6 SO 30
0 BB 23
3 HR 4
vs. Fla -- vs. Cubs
Even though Kerry Wood has been around for several seasons, he's only faced four current Marlins: Miguel Cabrera (4-for-12), Wes Helms (4-for-9), Miguel Olivo (0-for-1), and Olsen, who faced him last year. Yes, that game, the one where Adam Greenberg made his memorable debut.

Just once. JUST ONCE, when the Cubs face a pitcher with the sort of control problems Olsen has (23 BB in 34 IP), maybe they could actually take a few pitches. Just this once? Olsen's lefthanded -- so maybe, just maybe, Dusty will sit Jacque Jones again. Except, of course, there's that HR he hit against lefty Neal Cotts on Sunday. Oh, well.

Discuss amongst yourselves.