110 Losses?

In major-league history, only 15 teams have lost more than 110 games.  The Cubs are flirting with becoming the 16th.  Pick any length of time and assume the Cubs' record for the rest of the season will be the same as it has been over that period, and here are the results:

Last 5 Games: Season Record 41-121
Last 10 Games: Season Record 53-109
Last 15 Games: Season Record 49-113
Last 20 Games: Season Record 41-121
Last 25 Games: Season Record 46-116
Last 30 Games: Season Record 53-109
Last 35 Games: Season Record 58-104
Last 40 Games: Season Record 62-100
Last 45 Games: Season Record 65-97

At absolute best, the Cubs right now are a 97-loss team.  It is much more likely that they will lose between 100 and 110 games, and 115 is still a good possibility.

Al is fond of saying that no team is really as bad as it looks when it is losing, but these statistics seem to show that the 2006 Cubs are a remarkably consistent team.  This isn't just a slump, and it can't be shrugged off as a fluke anymore.

How can the team fix this?  I'm not sure they can at this point--the damage is just too deep.  But a good plan would be to start by getting rid of the coaching staff, both pitching and hitting (Gary Matthews needs to go, too, because he was the hitting coach during the early days of the present regime).  If Dusty Baker has to go in order to make this happen, then so be it.  As no one on this board gets tired of pointing out, this team lacks fundamentals, and those people who are responsible for teaching and reinforcing those fundamentals have to go.  This won't be a panacea, but it may help take this team from a historically awful performer to a merely run-of-the-mill bad team.

[EDIT: I fixed the math error in the "Last 45 games" entry. Sorry; it's late and I can't do simple arithmetic. The basic point remains the same.]

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