Dusty awakens from hibernation

A Muskrat story from the Cubs website offers some interesting Baker observations.  Maybe he's been reading the Cubs blogosphere.

Baker talks about the Cubs struggles, what's been causing them, and what the team can do to end them in this article.  For instance,

"You get certain situations that if the pitcher doesn't want to pitch to you, take your walk instead of wanting to do it all yourself," Baker said. "Everybody wants to do it. At the same time, you remain aggressive but you have to be patient, which is probably one of the harder things for a lot of young hitters to have is patience without losing their aggressivness."

It's a start.  There's still that predominance of aggressiveness, an attitude that has encouraged the if-you-can-see-the-pitch-hack-at-it approach to batting.  But when was the last time Baker recognized that opposing pitchers just might not be throwing strikes?  Why should they, when Cubs batters don't make them?

And then he goes on to say,

"The main thing we have to do is pitch better, take our walks when they give them to us and stay out of double plays," he said. "We've got to cut these walks down. Look at the stats here and we've got a ton of walks. That equals a lot of runs."

Who is this guy, and what have they done with Dusty Baker?

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