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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Reds, Wednesday 5/31, 7:05 CT

There's a separate thread below to discuss the Cubs' acquisition of Phil Nevin today, in exchange for Jerry Hairston. Fast note from me: this isn't a world-beater, but apparently the Rangers are eating a "significant" part of Nevin's contract. That said, and IF he can play a little outfield, he could play RF vs. LHP, as he absolutely pounds them (.298/.384/.553 lifetime).

Onward to discussion of tonight's game.

A favorable pitching matchup with a chance to sweep a series for the first time since the Cardinal series in April. Something's gotta give.

It's the third time since that Cardinal series (the Marlins at home, the Nationals at home) that the Cubs have won the first two games of a series.

Maybe the answer is: play all the games at night, at home. The Cubs' record in various states of light:

Home, night: 7-0
Home, day: 5-13
Road, night: 4-11
Road, day: 4-7
I know those sorts of splits are fairly meaningless, especially with this small a sample size, but that's pretty weird. Incidentally, the upcoming road trip consists of six night games and four day games.
Today's Starting Pitchers
Carlos Zambrano
C. Zambrano
vs. Eric Milton
E. Milton
3-2 W-L 2-2
3.45 ERA 5.52
79 SO 24
44 BB 8
9 HR 6
vs. Cin -- vs. Cubs
Z is one short of the major league lead in K's (Pedro Martinez and Johan Santana have 80). He is tied for the lead in walks with Doug Davis. Milton hasn't walked a lot of people this year, but he hasn't made that many starts, either, having missed a month with a knee problem. But I'd expect a lot of pitches to be thrown tonight.

Z ought to try to keep them away from Adam Dunn, who has homered four times off him in 28 AB. Milton is well-known for his homer-giving abilities, having allowed forty or more in each of the last two seasons. Todd Walker has a pair in only nine at-bats vs. Milton.

Discuss amongst yourselves.