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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Diamondbacks, Thursday 5/4, 8:40 CT

Today, BCB features a battle of two stat lines:

W-L  IP  H  R  ER HR  BB  SO   ERA
0-2  23 25 24  24  3  17  21  9.13
1-0  25 13  6   4  1   7  33  0.80
The first line is Rich Hill's major league totals, all from last year. The second is what he's done this year in Triple-A.

The truth of what he'll accomplish in his second shot at the majors probably lies somewhere in between. At age 26, it's time for Hill to perform.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Rich Hill
R. Hill
vs. Juan Cruz
J. Cruz
making W-L 0-0
his ERA 2.65
2006 SO 17
season BB 10
debut HR 2
vs. Ari -- vs. Cubs

Hill has faced only three current Diamondbacks: Conor Jackson, Luis Gonzalez and Shawn Green; Jackson got a hit off him.

In this battle of current Cub prospect vs. former Cub prospect, Juan Cruz finds himself in a starting rotation for the first time since he was part of the 2003 Cub rotation. Yes, he really was. Remember that? He started six games for those division-winners, not doing very well, all after the All-Star break. He's only a year and a half older than Hill, yet it seems as if he's been around forever.

Discuss amongst yourselves.