Well, I had a better day than the Cubs

For a number of reasons:

I didn't have Angel Guzman swinging in the top of the 2nd with the go-ahead runs on base....
Guzman promptly hit into a double play...

He later pulled off the sacrifice in the 4th -- why was he not bunting earlier?

I haven't gone 0-for San Diego, as Juan Pierre has...

I didn't walk 4 Padres batters, as Cubs pitchers did in the deciding 5th inning...

But I did have a better first inning than Angel Guzman -- as I CAUGHT A FOUL BALL, off the bat of Brian Giles! Nice grab, I must say -- as I elbowed the guy on my right, to block his reach,
the ball smacked my left palm, bounced up -- and I snatched it right out the air! And, to put the cherry on top -- seated about 10 seats to my right....just to the left of the Cubs dugout, in the same row I was in -- Billy Williams!!
Well, the ball now carries:

         H.O.F /'87

Thank you for the autograph, Mr. Williams, and thank you again for your efforts for the Cubs of my youth. T

I also had a better day than Roberto Novoa -- Al has filled you in on that debacle. And Cub-killer Vinnie Castilla was nowhere to be found.
However, he handed that mantle to Spicoli -- all right, sorry, Khalil Greene... he broke out of his season-long slump with a 4-4 day and 4 RBI's.

Angel Guzman's performance? Well, average. After that first inning, he did settle in -- for a few innings. Kerry Wood...hurry back....and he played well in Peoria today, did he not?

Still, there were way too many first-pitch-swinging AB's, helping Woody Williams to a near complete game.

8 wins in a row for the Padres. Last Sunday, this team was dead in the water. That 2-out 9th inning rally against the Dodgers launched them into their favorite month. All calendars in the Petco clubhouse, for the rest of the year, will probably read -- "MAY." I was told by a friend back in the midwest who was listening on WGN that Ronnie said "That's how the Cubs are going to come out of this -- as the Padres did, a week ago." You might think that sounds crazy -- but believe me, (I have posted this before, so -- sorry) the Padres looked even worse than the Cubs did. I watched portions of those losses, and at that time -- I saw a last-place team, with decidely inferior talent, as compared to the rest of the NL West -- with a starting staff (outside of Peavy) composed of cast-offs, never-weres, and those well past their prime. But -- look. Look what's happened. If you were to look back at, you would have seen some pretty sad, and angry postings. That's not the case now. Things can change, but still, some alterations need to take place in the clubhouse.
I don't care if Freddie Bynum seems to be the nicest guy in the world -- I watched he, and Ronnie Cedeno sign autographs for a good 15 minutes (from about 12:15 to 12:30) he doesn't belong on a major league roster.

So, as the Cubs meekly surrendered in the 9th -- I waited for the stands to clear. After all, it was a wonderful day, blue skies, day baseball in a marvelous baseball park...over all, a nice scene, except for the outcome. I start to make my way out -- hey, there's Billy Williams again!
So, I thank him again -- and ask, "Mr. Williams -- how we get out of this?" He smiled...and said..
"Well, they did score three runs today!"

And, maybe the slump ends with Maddog tomorrow.
The Cubs will have to do it themselves, as I cannot make the game.......if they win....was

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