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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Tigers, Friday 6/16, 1:20 CT

Stat of the day: Three years ago, the Tigers won on the last day of the season. That win allowed them to avoid tying the post-1900, 120-loss record set by the 1962 Mets.

It was their 43rd win of the 2003 season. Yesterday, the Tigers beat the Devil Rays. It was their 43rd win of the 2006 season. Maybe the Cubs will win their 43rd in a month or so.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Glendon Rusch
G. Rusch
vs. Nate Robertson
N. Robertson
2-6 W-L 6-3
7.29 ERA 3.50
41 SO 57
31 BB 20
16 HR 10
vs. Det -- vs. Cubs

Aramis Ramirez is 3-for-3 lifetime vs. Robertson with a HR. Given the way the Cubs have hit lately, this probably means Aramis will go 0-for-4.

Seriously, this is a ridiculous matchup. Rusch has been absolutely terrible this year, no two ways about it. Robertson seems to finally have "figured it out" and become a good major league pitcher. He's a lefty, so figure that Dusty will use one of his goofy "vs. LHP" lineups. At least we know Phil Nevin will start today, and he's been death on lefties this year -- 1-for-3 lifetime vs. Robertson.

It's going to be hot and humid and the wind will be blowing out.

Oh, incidentally: nice glasses & beard, Nate.

If you'd like a Tiger fans' take on this series, check out the SB Nation Tigers' site Bless You Boys.

Finally, I posted a diary over at South Side Sox asking Sox fans if they'd be rooting for the Cubs against the Tigers this weekend. I think you'll find the results illuminating.

Discuss amongst yourselves.