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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Tigers, Saturday 6/17, 3:05 CT

You decide. Mild-mannered Tigers pitcher... or SATAN?

Well, Justin Verlander does throw baseballs nearly 100 MPH. I'm not saying he made a "deal with the devil", but...

Today's Starting Pitchers
Carlos Marmol
C. Marmol
vs. Justin Verlander
J. Verlander
1-0 W-L 7-4
0.90 ERA 3.32
13 SO 49
3 BB 25
1 HR 11
vs. Det -- vs. Cubs
With two rookies going today, there are no "matchup" stats to be had, except that Verlander started two games in 2005, and faced Phil Nevin (1-for-3) and Jacque Jones (also 1-for-3).

Marmol looked very, very good against the Reds last Sunday. Let us hope he can sustain that.

The wind will be blowing out again this afternoon.

Discuss amongst yourselves.