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Do-It-Yourself Game Post

I can't think of anything to say about the Cubs' loss to the Tigers this afternoon.

So YOU choose how you want this post to read.

This afternoon at Wrigley Field, took the field and against the visiting . The final score was . Mark Prior, just back off the disabled list, to the Tigers, who, by hitting home runs, tied the Cubs' club record for . It started lightly at game time, which made the 39,938 in attendance . After the game, Prior said at his press conference live on WGN radio, that his performance . The Cubs have now lost games in a row, the first time they've gone winless in an entire homestand of six games or more since . Manager Dusty Baker, when asked how he could change his team's fortunes in the upcoming road trip, said: . Finally, today the Cubs signed , who will be sent to to begin professional play.
What more can any of us say? Yes, I do have a few things to say, so here's MY "do-it-yourself" post, which I'll keep mercifully brief:

Mike reminded me that some of the teams of the mid-1970's were this bad and we all used to sit out there and laugh at them. But, as I reminded him, those teams would WIN games like today's every once in a while. This team seems incapable of doing anything like that. They get behind by a couple of runs and it's like climbing the twin peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro with the tour guide with double vision. (That's a Monty Python joke, for those of you not familiar with the sketch. Yes, I know Mt. Kilimanjaro doesn't have two peaks.)

It is all we can do to laugh. Back in 2003, I had to remind the then 8-year-old Mark, on the cusp of what we thought was going to be a NL pennant, that things weren't always like this. In fact, most of my life, things with the Cubs have been like they are NOW.

This team should be blown up and the parts scattered. The problem is -- what parts are even saleable right now? Jim Hendry, on whose head I squarely lay the blame for this disaster, is going to have a tough time trading just about anyone from the current roster, because of poor performance. Maybe the performance of players like Juan Pierre will turn around enough to give them some trade value in the next five weeks.

I still love baseball and going to the park to share it with my friends, and Mark likes hanging down by the wall trying to get baseballs (none today).

But man, it's not easy these days. Not easy.