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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Indians, Monday 6/19, 6:05 CT

Another conspiracy theory shot down: Michael Barrett's suspension was officially handed down today: no games cut off the suspension (which surprises me a bit; I thought it'd be cut to 7 or 8), and it begins tonight.

Thus, for all those who thought it was being "timed" to avoid the White Sox series, that'll be his first game back. He will miss the Indians, Twins and Brewers series.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Sean Marshall
S. Marshall
vs. Jason Johnson
J. Johnson
3-5 W-L 3-7
4.82 ERA 6.00
48 SO 29
34 BB 20
6 HR 8
vs. Cle -- vs. Cubs

Another never-faced-that-team-before matchup, though Johnson, who is having a miserable year (look carefully! A pitcher with stats worse than the Cub starter!), has been in the AL for quite some time, and thus has faced some former-AL Cubs frequently -- particularly Jacque Jones, who has hit him well (11-for-36, two doubles, two HR). Henry Blanco, who is "hot" (up to .203, and in his last six games is 10-for-20 with 2 doubles, 2 HR and 7 RBI), has also homered off Johnson.

If anything, Indians fans have more to be disgruntled about than Cub fans, because they won 93 games last year and were expected to contend for the AL Central title, not be six games under .500 in mid-June.

Discuss amongst yourselves.