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Off-day notes:

  • I received an email from Evan & Geoff, who have a new podcast site called Bricks & Ivy Radio. Worth checking out.
  • I received this humorous look at Cub and Sox fans recently. Don't worry, it's an equal-opportunity offender. (WARNING! Link opens very large .pdf file, it may take a while if you are on a dialup connection.
  • Finally, there has been a lot of contentious talk on this site recently, name-calling and accusations flung back and forth, and quite a bit of idle chatter that doesn't have anything to do with baseball or the Cubs.
Let's take these things one at a time. I don't want to be a wet blanket about chatter -- with the Cubs being so bad, I know people are just trying to distract themselves, but I would appreciate it if we could start, as has been done in the past, a "non-baseball" diary each day, and if you all want to yak your heads off there, go ahead.

About the other things, I will just say this. There are community guidelines here. I have been accused of selective enforcement of those guidelines, and that is simply false. Further, this is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable place to be for everyone here. I do NOT want to have to ban anyone, and to this date, I have not done so.

I'm going to quote the now-extremely-trite words of Rodney King, who said during the Los Angeles riots of 1992... " "Can we get along here? Can we all get along?"

And thus, I propose that all of us -- without naming names, without accusing a single individual at all -- start this day, an off day on the Cub schedule, with a clean slate. Let's stop the name-calling, let's stop the fighting, let's remember why we are here -- to discuss baseball and the Cubs, and occasionally, to take a tangent or two into pop culture, or even highbrow culture.

Thanks. All of you make BCB the great community of Cub fans that it is. Let's keep it that way.