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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Twins, Saturday 6/24, 6:10 CT

Five years ago, Mark Prior was the consensus #1 amateur in the country.

And the Minnesota Twins had the first pick; the Cubs had the second pick. Cub fans everywhere wanted Prior, and it became clear that the Twins would pass on Prior because of his money demands, and take high school catcher (and local favorite) Joe Mauer.

Cub fans rejoiced.

But who would you rather have NOW?

Today's Starting Pitchers
Mark Prior
M. Prior
vs. Boof Bonser
B. Bonser
0-1 W-L 1-1
17.18 ERA 5.81
2 SO 22
1 BB 8
4 HR 8
vs. Min -- vs. Cubs
Prior has only faced a couple of current Twins; there'll be a mini-Marlins reunion continuing tonight, as ex-Marlins Luis Castillo and Mike Redmond are key contributors to a Twins team that has been the hottest in baseball lately.

Bonser is... well, he's a free spirit. He was, a couple of years back, supposed to help rescue the Giants' pitching rotation, along with Jerome Williams. He was dealt to the Twins in the A. J. Pierzynski deal along with closer Joe Nathan.

And yes, his legal name, once "John", is now "Boof". He had it legally changed. I reserve comment.

It could be homer-fun night tonight; Prior, of course, gave up four in about five minutes last Sunday, and Bonser has allowed a Rusch-like eight in 26 innings.

Finally, I would like to call your attention to my SB Nation colleague John Sickels' site today -- he has posted a review of the Cubs' top 20 pre-season prospect list.

Discuss amongst yourselves.