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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Cardinals, Sunday 6/4, 1:15 CT

Yesterday's injury to Albert Pujols could keep him out for a significant length of time, six weeks or maybe even longer:

... team trainers and doctors describe his current injury as something not to be minimized.

"If you send the guy out there too early, he could have a major setback and a major re-injury," [the team's medical supervisor, Dr. George] Paletta said.

"You can't play with this at 60-70 percent," trainer Barry Weinberg said.

Paletta called Pujols' condition "a serious concern right now," adding that the full extent of his condition wouldn't be fully known until the second examination Sunday.

One of two things will happen: either the Cardinals will rise to the occasion and collectively make up for his absence, or, as happened to the Cubs when they lost Derrek Lee, their offense might collapse into a dungheap.
Today's Starting Pitchers
Greg Maddux
G. Maddux
vs. Jason Marquis
J. Marquis
6-4 W-L 7-4
4.32 ERA 4.75
42 SO 27
16 BB 26
5 HR 11
vs. StL -- vs. Cubs
It's official: Scott Williamson really did hurt himself yesterday. He's been placed on the 15-day DL and Carlos Marmol has been called up from Double-A West Tenn.

This is inexplicable. Marmol's a starter -- his last relief appearance was two years ago at Lansing -- so the only possible reason for doing this would be for him to replace Glendon Rusch in the rotation, and return Rusch to the bullpen.

Marmol's a converted catcher who has only been pitching for three years. He's doing quite well at Double-A: 3-2, 2.33 ERA, 67 K (and 25 BB) in 11 starts, 58 IP. He made two major league spring training appearances this year.

On the surface, this seems a silly move. But frankly, the Cubs' more touted "prospects" from Triple-A haven't done any good at the major league level this year. Why not give Marmol a shot?

About today's game, Greg Maddux has dominated the Cardinals this season, giving them only one run in 13.1 IP over two starts. Jason Marquis was the loser in the second of those games, five weeks ago today. Unusually for today's generation of pitchers, Marquis has a decision in all 11 of his starts so far, and is averaging 6 1/2 innings per start.

From Mike Kiley's notes in the Sun-Times today:

  • Wade Miller's been shut down for a week, delaying his return still further.
  • Derrek Lee took ground balls yesterday in St. Louis.
  • And, this bit of trivia:
    Cubs fact checkers report that until Todd Walker's 0-for-7 performance Friday night with an RBI (the game-winner in the 14th inning on a ground out), no Cubs player in the last 50 years had gone hitless in seven at-bats and still batted in a run.

    Andre Dawson was 0-for-6 with an RBI on June 8, 1992, at St. Louis. His ground out gave the Cubs a 4-1 lead in the 13th inning of a 5-2 Cubs win.

Discuss amongst yourselves.