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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Reds, Thursday 6/8, 6:10 CT

Let's play "What's Weirder?"

What's weirder: the fact that this is the third time this year these two pitchers have matched up against each other, or the fact that Glendon Rusch actually won his last start?

What's weirder: the fact that Rusch has allowed 13 HR in 42 IP (a pace that would mean about 65 HR allowed in a full year), or the fact that Arroyo is responsible for two of those HR?

What's weirder: Rusch's grin? Or Arroyo's hair?

Today's Starting Pitchers
Glendon Rusch
G. Rusch
vs. Bronson Arroyo
B. Arroyo
2-5 W-L 7-2
6.86 ERA 2.40
36 SO 65
19 BB 18
13 HR 7
vs. Cin -- vs. Cubs

Matt Murton had better play every single game in this series. Why? Because he is 12-for-31 off Reds pitching this year, 22-for-59 (.373) lifetime vs. the Reds, 2-for-6 off Arroyo and 8-for-16 lifetime in Cincinnati. Nuff said.

Meanwhile, Rusch might as well walk Adam Dunn every time up, because he is 10-for-25 (.400) with six homers and 12 RBIs off Rusch in his career.

Incidentally, Kerry Wood is now listed as the probable starter for Sunday. We shall see.

Finally, if you would like to listen to Mark Prior's rehab start for West Tenn tonight, click here. It's free -- one of the few audio things you can still get on the web for nothing.

Discuss amongst yourselves.