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All-Star Game Open Thread, Tuesday 7/11, 7 pm CT

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For those of you who think that baseball doesn't change much from year to year, or that fans keep voting in players because they're "popular", the All-Star starting lineups are an education.

Of the sixteen starting position players, only five return from 2005 -- Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Vladimir Guerrero, Albert Pujols and Carlos Beltran. And Ortiz and Pujols were their league DH's last year.

And that is yet another stupid MLB trick. I don't like the DH, but if there is ANY game where the DH would serve a purpose, it's this one. No pitcher is ever going to bat in an All-Star game anyway.

And yes, I know the game doesn't really start at 7 pm CT. The scoreboard page at Yahoo says it begins at 8:20 Eastern time and so does Sportsline and CNN/SI; ESPN's says 8:00 ET, and so does MLB's. The website for Fox Sports, the network actually televising the game, says it starts at noon Eastern time.

And in reality, you know all of those are wrong. Most likely, the first pitch won't be thrown until about 7:35 Central time, so if you tune in about 7:30, you'll easily avoid all the pregame nonsense.

All-Star Starting Pitchers
Kenny Rogers
K. Rogers
vs. Brad Penny
B. Penny
11-3 W-L 10-2
3.85 ERA 2.91
65 SO 82
27 BB 28
15 HR 7

All-Star Starting Lineups
Suzuki, rf Soriano, lf
Jeter, ss Beltran, cf
Ortiz, 1b Pujols, 1b
A. Rodriguez, 3b Bay, rf
Guerrero, rf Renteria, ss
I. Rodriguez, c Wright, 3b
Wells, lf Utley, 2b
Loretta, 2b LoDuca, c
Rogers, p Penny, p

You can use this thread to discuss tonight's game, and also this interview of Dusty Baker by Paul Sullivan which appeared in today's Tribune.

Frankly, I was disappointed that Sullivan didn't ask Baker any of the REALLY tough questions, such as why he thinks walks are bad, or why he keeps batting Neifi Perez second, etc.

Discuss amongst yourselves.