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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Mets, Friday 7/14, 1:20 CT

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On this date one year ago, the Cubs and Mets had nearly identical records (Mets 45-44, Cubs 44-44), both still at the time modestly in contention for the wild-card berth that eventually went to the Astros.

Since then, of course, the fortunes of the two clubs have changed big-time. Today, the Mets have the best record in the NL, the Cubs nearly the worst.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Greg Maddux
G. Maddux
vs. Steve Trachsel
S. Trachsel
7-9 W-L 8-4
4.89 ERA 4.67
62 SO 46
20 BB 44
13 HR 12
vs. NY -- vs. Cubs
Maddux and Trachsel have faced each other five previous times -- each won two, with one decision (the 1999 game) going to the Cubs in extra innings. The first three were while Trachsel was a Cub; the last two as a Met. Maddux has thrown two CG's vs. Trachsel; Trachsel one against Maddux.

Keeping in mind that Maddux is generally one of the fastest working pitchers in the game and that normally you can time Trachsel's starts with a calendar (only 7 of his 17 starts this year have been under 3 hours, and one of those was 2:59 and another was a rain-shortened 5-inning game), and today's game could either be quick. Or a marathon. Maddux has 34 wins lifetime vs. the Mets, his most vs. any team; Trachsel is 1-2 in his career vs. the Cubs, but has not faced them since the third game of the 2003 season, a 6-3 Cub win.

In any case, isn't it good to have baseball back?

Discuss amongst yourselves.