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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Mets, Saturday 7/15, 3:05 CT

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There is, as there will be 72 more times after today, another ballgame this afternoon.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Carlos Zambrano
C. Zambrano
vs. Tom Glavine
T. Glavine
8-3 W-L 11-2
3.24 ERA 3.48
124 SO 82
68 BB 36
14 HR 15
vs. NY -- vs. Cubs
Z is pretty much the only bright spot for this woeful edition of a Cub team. With about 45% of the season (perhaps 15 or 16 starts) left, and Z having gone 8-1 in his last 12 starts, he's got a shot at winning 16 to 18 games. That'd be a real accomplishment on a team this bad. First he has to beat the Mets, the only NL team he has never defeated.

Glavine, after having three mediocre seasons in his first three years in New York, has returned to his All-Star level of five and more years ago. He is 286-186 lifetime; only a handful of pitchers can say they have such a record and are 100 games over .500 (only four other active pitchers, Mike Mussina, Pedro Martinez, Greg Maddux and Roger Clemens, qualify under this criteria). He's sort of an under-the-radar Hall of Famer, but with the year he's having in 2006, he'll surely come back next year at age 41 to shoot for his 300th career win.

Discuss amongst yourselves.