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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Nationals, Friday 7/21, 6:05 CT

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If this pitching matchup had occurred, say, in 2002, it might have been more exciting; it would have been a highly touted rookie against a solid veteran with over 100 career wins.

Instead, it's a guy who's been on the DL more times than we can count, against a pitcher who's trying to hang on by a thread and who will be 37 in November.

Despite the fact that the Yahoo game preview lists Astacio as the starter, the story talks about Livan Hernandez as if HE were going to start tonight. Hernandez will go tomorrow.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Mark Prior
M. Prior
vs. Pedro Astacio
P. Astacio
0-4 W-L 1-1
7.71 ERA 6.43
22 SO 5
10 BB 5
5 HR 4
vs. Was -- vs. Cubs
Prior has been activated from the DL, according to today's game notes, but the notes don't say who was removed from the roster and, at least at this moment, the roster doesn't show Prior active.

The Nats are one of the few teams against whom the Cubs have a winning record so far this season. It'd be nice if that continued.

Discuss amongst yourselves.