A Thousand Words ... (DC Game 3)

Well, that was certainly disappointing.

For today's game, I sat near Dusty Baker in the Cubs command center.  As some have previously mentioned, he hardly moved for the entire game. The notable exceptions I could see were to talk to Neifi a couple of times on the way out to the on deck circle (I'm not making that up), and to head out to the mound to check on yet another injured pitcher.  He also went down in the dugout for a bit during the later innings.

Thus, pretty much all there is to be said may be found in the following pictures, which I believe are also artistic representations of the entire Cubs 2006 season.  (The links will need to be clicked, as my efforts to insert them as images here have been as fruitless as the Cubs offense):

Dusty goes out with the trainer:

Dusty comes back in:

Dusty and Neifi:

Other than that, the Cubs made the Nats look like world beaters this weekend.  To show you how bad things have become, this was the first sweep Washington has been able to pull off at home all year.  Including the Pirates and the Devil Rays.

I generally want to emphasize the positive and try to be optimistic about the Cubs, but frankly Aramis Ramirez, Glendon Rusch (even a broken clock is right twice a day), and Juan Pierre (today only) are the only players I have no complaints about for the past three games.

I imagine they are probably on the train now heading up to New York.  Good luck, Jessica -- you'll need it.

As a final note, for those of you have been following it, T.R. won the President's Race today, using a golf cart.

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