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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Nationals, Sunday 7/23, 12:05 CT

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Here's how far this team has fallen: in 2003, the NL Central champions lost their 60th game of the season on August 20.

It's nearly a month earlier than that date, and this year's Cubs must win today to avoid registering their sixtieth loss of the 2006 season, and also to salvage a game in this series and thus a season split with the Nats.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Carlos Marmol
C. Marmol
vs. Tony Armas
T. Armas
3-3 W-L 6-5
3.86 ERA 4.61
39 SO 61
29 BB 34
5 HR 7
vs. Was -- vs. Cubs
I was amazed to learn in reading Armas' record, given the huge amount of time he's spent on the DL in his career, that he's pitched enough to have nine career starts (out of 137 total) against the Cubs (a team not even in his own division), with a 2-5 record and 4.63 ERA.

Derrek Lee should return to the starting lineup today; he's 10-for-26 lifetime vs. Armas with four HR, five walks and nine RBI. Juan Pierre has also hit Armas hard (9-for-16), as has Aramis Ramirez (6-for-10, 2 HR).

Naturally, this means Armas probably throws a three-hit shutout (trying reverse psychology again).

Discuss amongst yourselves.