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Notes & Housekeeping

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  • With the trading deadline four days away, one possible destination for Todd Walker was removed yesterday when the Mariners acquired Ben Broussard from Cleveland. Today, the Sun-Times reports that the Rangers might be interested (their report quotes as the source).
  • Some posters on the Angels website message board found our "Ramirez to the Angels rumor" diary and they'd love to have him. Like fans of most any team looking to make a major acquisition, they don't want to give up much to get him. One poster said: "... maybe Kotchman,Mathis and Mendoza and possibly Aybar??" and another: "Ramirez would be nice and if the Angels got him without giving up Wood, I think it'd be a great trade." Yeah, right. Any trade of Ramirez -- and I doubt it's going to happen -- has to start with Brandon Wood.
  • Rich Hill is indeed going to start tonight, according to the Cubs website. However, no roster move has yet been announced. We can only hope that either a trade will be consummated before the game, or that Glendon Rusch will be DFA'd. That'd be the dream -- the reality more likely will be Michael Wuertz or David Aardsma back to Iowa.
  • There has been a lot of angst spilled here in the last few days on a number of subjects (steroids, trades, etc.) that has led to name-calling and posts that simply didn't have to be made. I'm going to ask everyone this again. We have built a community here of intelligent, articulate and knowledgeable Cub and baseball fans. We all have strong opinions -- but that doesn't mean we can't treat each other with respect.
  • Finally, I have received several emails on this subject, so I thought I'd post it here for everyone. As you know if you've tried to get to BCB and couldn't, we are having server issues that have to do with the huge growth of the SB Nation. As an unintended side effect of this, our RSS feeds have not updated since last Saturday. Our web gurus are aware of the issues and are working on them. Thanks for your patience.