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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Brewers, Saturday 7/8, 6:05 CT

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For the third day in a row, the Cubs/Brewers pitching matchup will be identical to one in the series at Wrigley Field last week.

I wonder how often this happens in modern baseball, with five-man rotations and off-days, even with teams occasionally matching up twice in two weeks as these two have. I can't remember it happening in the last couple of years to the Cubs, anyway.

The streak will be broken tomorrow -- Mark Prior, who did face the Brewers in Chicago, will face Doug Davis instead of Geremi Gonzalez.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Carlos Marmol
C. Marmol
vs. Dave Bush
D. Bush
1-3 W-L 5-6
4.73 ERA 4.45
29 SO 98
18 BB 28
5 HR 15
vs. Mil -- vs. Cubs
Both Marmol and Bush threw well (six-plus innings, one run) in that June 28 game, the only one the Cubs won in that series. After Bob Howry screwed up the 1-1 tie, the Cubs exploded for a five-spot off Dan Kolb to win 6-3.

Speaking of 6-3, that's the Brewers' record against the Cubs this year, and in those nine games, the team scoring first has won. In fact, that was the case for the last six Brewer-Cub games last year, too. Thus, it would behoove the Cubs to hope that Juan Pierre's hot streak continues. He is hitting .373 with a .415 OBA in his last 26 games (110 AB); that's since June 10. I could say that had he hit like that all year, the Cubs might have been better off, but they're only 8-17 since June 10.

Does this mean having those numbers in the leadoff spot aren't valuable? No, it means that the Cubs didn't take advantage. Dysfunctional team personified.

Discuss amongst yourselves.