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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Rockies, Sunday 8/13, 2:05 CT

The Cubs' starting rotation now consists of Carlos Zambrano and four rookies.

The last time the Cubs started four rookies in a week's time was in 1966, when Rich Nye, Ken Holtzman, Dave Dowling and Fergie Jenkins all started in the same week in September. Bill Hands, also a 1966 rookie, made 26 starts that year. Those five accounted for 72 of the team's starts; the only veteran who was a regular rotation starter all year was Dick Ellsworth, who lost 22 games; other veterans that year included Ernie Broglio, who started 11 games and was released on July 2; a 37-year-old Curt Simmons; and Bob Buhl and Larry Jackson, who were traded for Jenkins and Adolfo Phillips.

That team, of course, lost 103 games. With the maturing of Hands, Jenkins, Holtzman and Nye, the 1967 Cubs contended. Are this year's rookies good enough for that? Only time will tell.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Carlos Marmol
C. Marmol
vs. Byung-Hyun Kim
B. Kim
5-5 W-L 7-7
5.09 ERA 4.57
51 SO 86
47 BB 40
10 HR 11
vs. Col -- vs. Cubs
You don't have to have me tell you that Carlos Marmol walks too many hitters; he did it again in his last start, but won anyway.

Kim is a weird, weird pitcher. He was a fine closer for the 2001 Diamondbacks (except, of course, for his celebrated meltdowns in that year's World Series), and again the next year, but he got the yips somewhere along the line, was traded twice, and at 27 has become a more or less competent starter. His career line against the Cubs -- 0-2, with 4 saves and a 3.63 ERA -- doesn't look so great when you look at the two losses, the only two starts he's made against the Cubs, both last year, in which he threw 9.2 innings, allowed 13 hits, five walks, 4 HR and 9 earned runs. Cubs Gameday

Discuss amongst yourselves.