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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Diamondbacks, Wednesday 8/2, 7:05 CT

The future of pitching in the NL may be on display tonight at Wrigley Field when 23-year-old Carlos Marmol takes on 24-year-old Enrique Gonzalez. Both have struggled at times, but also have shown flashes of brilliance.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Carlos Marmol
C. Marmol
vs. Enrique Gonzalez
E. Gonzalez
4-4 W-L 3-2
4.39 ERA 4.96
46 SO 40
40 BB 17
8 HR 7
vs. Ari -- vs. Cubs
Neither has faced the other's team, though Gonzalez, having pitched against the Dodgers, faced new Cub Cesar Izturis (1-for-2).

Marmol has had terrible control problems recently (22 walks in his last 21 innings, over four starts). Nevertheless, he has won three of those four games; if he can keep the walks down (and the ball down, on a night where the wind could be blowing out even faster than the last two nights), he can become a winner very quickly.

Discuss amongst yourselves.