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Do-It-Yourself Game Post, Part Deux

This afternoon's ridiculous 10-9 loss to the Pirates probably has you feeling like that, doesn't it?

So YOU choose how you want this post to read.

This afternoon in Pittsburgh, took the field and against . The final score was . Ryan Dempster, for the second day in a row, and, thus, the Pirates, who had hits, swept the Cubs in a series at Pittsburgh for the first time since . Ryan Theriot had hits today, which means that tomorrow against the Giants, he'll get to . The Cubs blew leads in this game, and have now lost games in a row, the first time they've gone winless in a roadtrip or homestand of six games or more since . Manager Dusty Baker, when asked how he could change his team's fortunes in the upcoming homestand, said: . Finally, this Friday, September 1, rosters can expand, and the Cubs will add to the playing roster, and that will allow them to .
There's not much more to be said. The Cubs had this game won, as they had last night's won, and blew it. Twenty hits and nine runs and still a loss to what is supposedly the worst team in the league, though the Cubs are giving the Pirates a run for that mantle -- and the Bucs get four more shots at the Cubs next week.

Here's something really weird. I first wrote a do-it-yourself post after the Tigers' 12-3 dismantling of the Cubs on June 18. And here is a paragraph lifted verbatim from that post:

This team should be blown up and the parts scattered. The problem is -- what parts are even saleable right now? Jim Hendry, on whose head I squarely lay the blame for this disaster, is going to have a tough time trading just about anyone from the current roster, because of poor performance. Maybe the performance of players like Juan Pierre will turn around enough to give them some trade value in the next five weeks.
Except for the Juan Pierre comment, that paragraph applies today, too. With 29 games left, what difference does it make who is in charge? The players lost the last two games, not management. Management only put this roster in a poor position to win ballgames.

One month left. On October 1, the explosion can begin.

I also wrote back on June 18:

I still love baseball and going to the park to share it with my friends, and Mark likes hanging down by the wall trying to get baseballs.

But man, it's not easy these days. Not easy.

This weekend, the Barry Bonds show comes to Wrigley Field. At least that makes things interesting.